Hair should be about 1/4 inch long about 3-4 weeks post shave or wax.
It is best to exfoliate the morning of to prevent ingrown hairs and remove dead skin for smoothest results.
Do not apply cream or oils before waxing.
Please alert us of any medications or skin sensitive creams ie.retinal and Vitamin A.
To ease your nerves and the pain, you can take an ibuprofen or use topical Emla Cream (read instruction on box for use).
Prolonged waxing will result in slower hair growth and fewer hairs.
Please inform us of any reactions to waxing you may have had or any changes from your previous appointment.
Try to avoid shaving or epilating in between appointments for best results.


It is best to avoid hot showers, saunas, hot tubs and tanning immediately before and approx 24 hours after.
If you experience any skin sensitivity after, diaper rash cream can help sooth the area.
Avoid exfoliating the area for 24 hours due to sensitivity.
Moisturizing the next day is fine.



It is best to have clean lashes before your full set, no mascara.
Please let us know if you have had laser eye surgery, pregnant or your first time.
If you have any known allergies, sensitives or previous reactions please let us know
Lash tints should be done 10 days prior to a Full Set and Lash Lifts 24 hours prior for optimal lasting results.
We suggest for Brides to get a full set 3-4 weeks before the wedding and a fill just before the big day.


Wait 2-4 hours to come into contact with water. This includes steam, saunas and tears. If it’s raining, bring your brolly! This also goes for using products on your extensions ie mascara, elixirs, revitalizer, etc.
Brush them every morning with the eyelash wand we provide you, as many of us wake up with “bed head” eyelashes.
Do not use oil based products, lotions or waterproof mascara, as these products will cause the glue to weaken. We can suggest oil free products.
Do not use an eyelash curler, perm or tint your extensions. 
Do not pick, rub, or pull your extensions. The less you touch the longer they will last.
Avoid the sauna and steam.
Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach as not to squish your extensions.
Avoid using cotton balls, Q-tips or facecloths on extensions as the fibers can pull and get stuck in them.
Avoid having water spray directly on the eyes in the shower.
Maintain your lashes by having a fill done every 2-3 weeks.
Misencil products are available for retail: Le Serum $125, Oil Free Make-Up Remover $40, Lash Mascara $40, Lash Protector $30, Lash Revitalizer $30, Lash liner $25.
Our lash consultants can go over all the products with you and remind you of maintenance.
We suggest you book your fill at the time of your appointment to ensure a time that’s good for you.

Lash Sets

Natural $150 (50-60 lashes per eye) 45 mins

Star $200 (70-80 lashes per eye) 60 mins

Superstar $250 (lots of lashes) 75 mins

Lash Fills

Natural Fill $75

Star Fill $100

Superstar Fill $125

Your natural lashes will have an affect of what set may be best for you. For example, if you don't have a lot of natural lashes, you may not be able to get Superstar and if you have lots of natural lashes, the natural may not be enough for you.

After 5 weeks you will require a full set.

Important Info

It is important to know that proper maintenance will result in healthy natural lashes and long lasting extensions.

After 5 days, we are not liable for any premature lash loss, before that time if we are notified of any issues we will resolve free of charge. 

Although reactions are very unlikely, if you do have a reaction to the glue, medical tape or eye patch we are not liable and will not refund your money. To have lashes removed, there is a fee (please see the spa menu price list).

If you should wake up with irritated eyes, we suggest polysporin eye drops and if it does not begin to clear, a visit to a doctor or clinic.



Leading up to the day it is best to exfoliate in the shower. On the day of, you want to give your whole body (hands, feet, elbows, knees especially) a good scrub. This removes all the dead skin cells and allows the product to evenly coat the skin and not leave a blotchy effect. DO NOT cream before the tan, you want a clean dry surface for optimal, even absorption. Bring loose dark clothing, it is best not to put on a bra after, this way you don't rub off any of the product. Au Courant washes out of sheets and clothing as long as it is laundered within a few days. Leaving clothes or sheets for 2 weeks may result in staining. Best not to have your favourite or silk sheets on the bed.


Best to wait 6-8 hours to shower, exercise or swim. (in this case the next morning is ideal) At that time, have a quick shower to rinse the excess product off. You will notice the brown rinse water. Use soap only where necessary, and do not exfoliate that week. After the shower moisturize. It is best to moisturize every day to prolong the tan and ensure smooth, hydrated skin. You will notice your tan start to fade after approx 5-7 days like a normal tan. The dryer your skin the faster it will flake away. Around day 10 you may want to exfoliate to even out the fading tan, while also moisturizing your skin daily. For optimal tan, you can purchase the optimizer moisturizer for $40 to be use daily as a moisturizer containing DHA (the natural derivative that makes your skin coloured). Also the face gel bronzer gives a natural glow and can be used weekly. Ensure that you do not rub at your body with the palms of your hands after your tan as this WILL result in the staining of your palms. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me directly.

Enjoy your glow!